Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop

The genus Acer plan E5-575G-53VG isn’t the only good laptop mercantilism for below $572, however it is one among the few that gives worthy play chops. With high-quality hardware, long battery life and competent performance for each work and play, the $550 E5 is better than you might expect for the worth. On the opposite hand, a so-so screen, shallow keys Associate in Nursingd an uncomfortable touchpad drag the experience down a peg or 2, but these ar annoyances, not deal breakers. The plan E5 will what users can expect, and to a small degree more, that makes it price a glance.



The aspire E5-575G-53VG is fairly handsome however subdued. The black, plastic chassis options a subtle thatched pattern with a finish somewhere between shiny and matte. As a result, the device looks rather routine, that is maybe precisely what heavy-duty productivity users need.

Because the entire system is formed of plastic, do not expect any elegant metallic touches or accents. The shoot for E5 weighs five.27 pounds, that may be a bit quite competitive models like the HP Notebook 15 or the Asus F555UA, both 4.8 pounds.

The size is additionally precisely what you’d expect for a laptop computer with a 15-inch screen: 15.0 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches. For comparison, the 2 competitive models mentioned higher than square measure inside two-tenths of an in. on each measuring.


he aspire E5-575G-53VG is pretty direct once it comes to ports. On the sides of the machine, you will find 3 regular USB ports, one USB Type-C connecter, associate HDMI port associated an LAN port. Acer aim E5-575G-53VG ports

An Mount Rushmore State card reader on the front and a writable videodisc drive on the correct side spherical out the offerings. My solely grievance is that 2 of the USB ports ar quite near one another, creating it arduous to connect multiple dongles if the attachments ar even a little larger than average.


The aspire E5’s fifteen.6-inch screen options a reasonable 1080p resolution, but despite terribly robust artificial take a look at numbers, it provides boring output and poor color accuracy.

When we tested the E5-575G-53VG with our measuring device, the portable computer reproduced an impressive 143 % of the sRGB color gamut. that is miles prior to the Notebook fifteen and F555UA, that enter at sixty three and sixty four %, severally, also because the 89-percent class average. sadly, during this case, the gamut range does not tell the story.

In observe, the screen is sort of boring, with just 195 nits of brightness. Considering that the category average is 250 and competitors just like the Notebook fifteen (220) and F555UA (223) area unit abundant brighter, the E5’s panel makes for a few dis satisfactory video. I watched Associate in Nursing episode of Star Trek: successive Generation, and was habitually underwhelmed by the boring reds and yellows of the characters’ uniforms, also because the typically grey pallidness of the complete ship. The be after E5 created the sometimes initiatory Enterprise-D seem like the smallest amount fun ship in Star fleet.

Likewise, the be after E5’s gamut range doesn’t translate to nice accuracy. The machine scored a Delta-E error rating of three.26, wherever nearer to zero is healthier. To be fair, that score bests the four.44 class average and therefore the three.5 showing by the Notebook fifteen, however falls behind the two.3 rating on the F555UA.

After testing and retesting the colour gamut, my co-workers and that i were shocked that the screen looked therefore inaccurate. However, we have a tendency to did all agree that the colours looked radically totally different with the screen canted even slightly backward or forward, which once viewed head-on, everything was a bit washed-out. Chalk it up to the low brightness and high Delta-E score, however the show is simply not nice.

There are not several screen choices apart from adjusting general brightness, therefore what you see is {pretty abundant|just about} what you get — and you will not see much if you angle yourself over forty five degrees away, incidentally. The be after E5’s screen still gets the duty done, for the foremost half. Considering the screen’s made gamut, though, I had hoped for far better.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The respectably sized, 4.1 x 3.0-inch touchpad on the plan E5 looks inviting enough, however looks are often deceiving. bit this keyboard, and you’ll realize that it’s rubbery and fully too resistant. Moving the cursor across the desktop takes forever, and clicking felt shallow. a minimum of the touchpad handled two-, three- and four-fingered gestures with fidelity.

The keyboard is that the real bad person here. With only one.65mm of key travel and 58-gram actuation, these keys sound utterly passable by productivity-laptop standards; the F555UA is comparable, whereas the Notebook fifteen is way shallower. Numbers are often dishonest , though, as typewriting on this machine was deeply uncomfortable.

Using, I scored 123 words per minute with 2 errors, compared to 130 words per minute with six errors on my traditional keyboard, a Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum. Those numbers do not sound too totally different, however the pushback on the plan E5 is profound. The keys hit all-time low the instant I ironed them, however felt stiff when I started once more. It does not facilitate that the layout flexes, too. i am unable to imagine wanting to sort for long periods of your time, that might be a tangle if you would like the machine primarily for data processing.


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