ASUS K501UX 15.6-inch Ultra Gaming Laptop

The Asus K series has recently been on a roll for its notebook and diversion capabilities; a well demanded combination. The Asus K501UX-WH74 options a lightweight, svelte style and associate degree exceptional performance that stands out quite remarkably within the notebook arena as an entry level diversion rig.

Features and Design

The brushed aluminum cowl of the Asus K501UX doesn’t deviate from the Asus renowned style. it’s been fairly constant over variety of their iterations. However, the new entrant comes in an exceedingly elegant navy metallike cowl that features a furry end. It weighs four.4 pounds and measures 0.9 by 15.0 by 10.0 inches. it’s means diluent and lighter compared to dingle Inspiron i7559, its main market competition. this can be the machine for anyone looking for portability and performance in one package.

The Asus gambling laptop computer comes with a Full HD resolution supported by the non-touch 15.6-inch matte TN-display. this can be the proper machine for professional video and image writing. The life-size chiclet keyboard is backlit. it’s Associate in Nursing intuitive touchpad with a panoramic audio output. If you love exteriors, then you’ll die for the K501UX creativeness. it’s a combine of two.0 and 3.0 USB ports, one HDMI-out port – to attach with HDTV or external monitor- Associate in Nursingd an South Dakota card reader. With most makers doing away with external DVD/CD drives, it’s not a surprise to check the Asus K501UX lacking one: you’ll be able to transfer your utility applications over the web.

Ports and Connectivity

In the times, a decent laptop should feature adequate connectivity. It ought to enable enough ports for external connections and networking. this can be precisely what a perfect machine like Asus k501ux laptop offers you. The system is meant with 2 USB a pair of.0 ports and another 2 USB three.0 ports. The machine comes with an HDMI out port that enables for top definition output once connected to Associate in Nursing external monitor. victimization this laptop with Associate in Nursing HD TV is sort of spectacular. Associate in Nursing SD card reader is also gift. Like most recent systems, there’s no DVD/CD drive during this laptop computer. I ne’er found this to be a difficulty, though. we’ve come back an extended approach, and most makers ar currently shelving this feature. With OS being downloaded directly from the cloud, this feature is not any longer a necessity.

Connection to the net is clearly important for your new laptop computer. The ASUS K501UX laptop computer comes with the RJ-45 port for local area network connections and a super-speed 802.11 A/C WLAN adapter for wireless connections. you’ll share files over the Bluetooth due to the Bluetooth four.0 connective. If you’re keen on gambling and do a bunch of alternative tasks, this can be the proper machine for you. it’s quality association ports for your association to alternative machines too.

Asus K501UX Laptop Performance

Every gamer is looking for an incredible machine which will perform at high processing speeds and quality memory. this is often what Asus K501UX is giving you! It comes with two.5 ghz Skylake (sixth-generation) Intel Core i7-6500U processor which will be boosted to three.1 gigacycle on Turbo ANd an 8GB RAM. The system performs highly because of the discrete NVIDIA GTX950M graphics card that has 2GB DDR3 memory. the twin core processor provides high speed performance that has received a large 4300 purpose on central processor Mark points. this is often a good performance for a notebook. the massive system memory and graphics card make sure that your play expertise is sleek and no lags the least bit. The options work coherently to deliver very good performance on all of your daily tasks.

The 256GB SSD makes it quicker than the same old HDD. The 8GB RAM and the 4GB modules that’s stuck on the board makes it 12GB of system memory and might be extended. The GeForce graphics card ensures that you simply have quality play show at Full HD (1080p). you’ll make sure to induce up to thirty FPS.

This laptop delivers quality play because of a mix of features: quick process speed, high system memory, and ample graphics memory. it’s less costly as critical most rivals within the market. it’s transportable and might be used for multiple tasks with none complications. it’s straightforward to use because of its reliable interface and external property ports.

The Asus K501UX portable computer trails the holler Inspiron i7559-763BLK by ~7500 cpu Mark, because of the model’s Core i5 Quad-Core processor. If you push your K501UX machine to the extremes, you may not like it. This machine cannot bully off with its main rival, holler Inspiron i759-763BLK, in terms of graphics memory. The competition offers a cool 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTX960M graphics card, so higher play expertise.

With multiple tasks thrown at the most laptops today, ASUS K501UX laptop tested to figure vastly well. Our review team intimate no mishaps at its high utilization. In several respects, this machine has lived to its expectations. It will handle multiple workplace jobs, amusement and still stream live HD videos over the net with lags. It doesn’t overheat even at most usage. The performance here is beyond any doubt all you have got been probing for in a very fashionable laptop. Multi-tasking may be a term that has been place into add this machine. it’s enough RAM to allow coincident jobs to execute at a go.

Graphics and Gaming

The K501UX-WH74 delivers quality gaming due to a spirited combination of features: a quick modern processor with awing process speeds, high system memory and at last a decent graphics memory. I won’t suggest taking part in recreation triple A games like piece of ground 3 or four or for that matter games that have lots of graphic detail as those ar best for Nvidia 1050. however if you enforce taking part in, you’re about to got to get wont to playing them on lower settings. For all those gamers out there, the Asus K5010UX brags of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ nine

series (950) graphics card for quick recreation in 1080P- in line with Nvidia. the cardboard is associate improvement of previous generation cards like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 thus with it you card expect a high response rate. In our graphics check, we tend to vie a handful of games to sample the Asus K501UX-WH74 strength. we tend to vie FARCRY4, The Witcher Wild Hunt, Heroes of the living quarters and Project Cars while not lag and all at nice frames rates.


As we mentioned in our alternative Asus reviews, the Asus K501UX-WH74 like alternative Asus laptops have speakers running on ASUS Sonic Master. Asus Sonic master inbuilt AN optimized amplifier to provide louder volume, powerful output, higher resonance and deeper bass. On our sound test, I compete Labrinth’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” and therefore the output was powerful alright. The sound was high enough to fill the area and audio was clear. The bass sessions were deep too and vibrated the surface of the table they were on. Downward firing speakers generally try this, and additionally muffle sound whereas at it however I had no qualms with this set of speakers.

keyboard and trackpad

The Asus keyboard stands out best of all for being backlit that is everyone’s desire in a diversion rig particularly handy for late night stretches of diversion on-line. Another worthy feature i’d have wanted to examine on the keyboard is that the spill resistant keyboard, but sadly Asus doesn’t mention that. Even so, the K510UX-WH74 keyboard is made with a life-size chiclet style for a lot of correct typing. You’ll conjointly get to relish solid,

responsive keystrokes and a comfortable typewriting expertise because of one.6mm of key travel. there’s a premium end to the keyboard solely noticeable to the keenest of eyes. around the keyboard is AN exquisite sand-blasted surface that offers the keyboard AN air of sophistication. the ability button is additionally spectacularly polished. For the Asus K501UX-WH74, it features IceCool technology that helps to stay the palm rest section of the laptop cool for comfy surface temperature. It maintains the surface temperatures between twenty eight degrees and thirty five degrees. once exploitation the laptop computer I did notice it was considerably cooler even once multitasking; where you’d expect plenty of action and heating as a result. The trackpad is analogous to the Macbook Air the sole distinction being that the Asus K501UX trackpad is slightly aligned to the left. however they’re each product of a glass pad. I wanted the sleek bit and responsiveness it’s to straightforward bit. With the sensible Gesture input the Asus K501UX trackpad is in a position to permit intuitive tip commands like two-finger pinch, left and right edge swipe and up and down motion swipes.

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