ASUS VivoBook Thin and Light Gaming Laptop

Asus’ slogan declares the corporate to be “In search of incredible,” and it’s going to have found its target with the $1,079 VivoBook E403SA. Not solely will this 14-inch notebook provide a very light and premium style, however it additionally boasts fantastic battery life and a pointy, 1080p show. Asus’ portable computer will get alittle heat on the bottom and compromises somewhat on screen brightness, however this sub-$400s robust build quality, solid performance and big selection of options create it one amongst the best bargains in technical school.


The Asus VivoBook E403SA has a sleek, brushed-aluminum lid that appears like it belongs on a notebook that prices double the maximum amount. The laptop’s keyboard deck could seem like it’s made of constant material, however it’s composed of a metal-looking plastic, that did a fine job of supporting my wrists. 2 little tabs that protrude from the back of the hinge could look peculiar, however they stop the lid from scratching against flat surfaces.

Asus EeeBook E403SA ChasisMeasuring zero.7 inches thick and weighing three.18 pounds, the Asus VivoBook E403SA is dilutant and lighter than the fourteen-inch Toshiba Satellite Radius 14 (0.83 inches, 4.5 pounds), holler Inspiron fourteen 3000 (0.84 inches, 3.8 pounds), Lenovo Ideapad 300S (0.77 inches, 3.6 pounds) and also the fifteen.6-inch Asus F555LA (1 in., 4.6 pounds).


The VivoBook E403SA’s 14-inch, 1920 x 1080 display is not the brightest or most correct on the market, but it’s fantastic once you consider the laptop’s worth. only a few sub-$600 laptops have full-HD screens, while several have low-res 1366 x 768 panels. By giving users thirty % additional pixels, a 1080p screen shows a paragraph or 2 of further text on web content (or documents) and allows you to stack 2 nearly full-width windows aspect by aspect.

When I watched the 1080p Captain America: warfare trailer on the VivoBook’s display, skin tones weren’t as heat as they must are, however Iron Man’s red and gold armor rendered accurately. The sharp panel made it straightforward to visualize each scratch and dent on the fallen military.

Asus EeeBook E403SA DisplayOur tintometer same the Asus VivoBook E403SA can manufacture solely sixty eight.5 % of the sRGB spectrum, that is similar to alternative 14-inch budget notebooks (64 % to seventy percent). For its category, the VivoBook conjointly has a rather correct show, rating a two.3 within the Delta-E take a look at (where zero is perfect). that is higher than the Asus F555L (6.3), Inspiron fourteen 3000 (4.4), Ideapad 300S (4.4), Satellite Radius fourteen (3.7), and even the class average (2.8).

The VivoBook E403SA’s show emits a mediocre 201 nits (a live of brightness), that is near the Asus F555L (198 nits), Inspiron fourteen 3000 (188 nits) and Satellite Radius fourteen (182 nits). The Ideapad 300S (225 nits) and average thin-and-light notebook (245 nits) shine brighter. The VivoBook’s panel provides tight viewing angles, as color washed out solely slightly after I moved over forty five degrees to the left or right.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The VivoBook E403SA’s keyboard provides a solid typing expertise, without any of the annoying flex we often realize on budget laptops. The keys provide a rather low one.4 millimeters of travel (1.5 to two metric linear unit is typical) and will be snappier, however typewriting was snug overall.

Asus EeeBook E403SA KeyboardOn the test, I clicked my thanks to sixty nine words per minute, that is regarding fifteen p.c below my typical eighty rate. The layout of the keys took a minute to urge wont to, because the bottom-right section’s Shift secret is shrunken and its arrow keys ar higher up than i am wont to.

The VivoBook E403SA’s four.1 x 2.8-inch buttonless touchpad accurately caterpillar-tracked my fingers as I navigated the desktop. The pad provided a solid feel to every click, and speedily registered three-finger Windows ten gestures.


Asus boasts that the VivoBook features SonicMaster-enhanced audio, however I found the sound unimposing and dingy till I modified one amongst its presets. Out of the box, the portable computer produced enough volume to fill a medium-size front room with a mediocre version of Desiigner’s “Panda,” rendering its bass softly and muffling vocals.
I fastened this downside by gap the preinstalled ICEpower AudioWizard sound utility and changing its setting from the default Music mode to show mode. after that tweak, each music and trailers measured additional full and correct, the drums and vocals on “Panda” measured clearer, and also the track’s sturdy bass came.


The VivoBook E403SA packs enough performance under the hood for solid multitasking. Asus armed the sole configuration of this notebook with an Intel Pentium N3700 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC storage, however I saw no lag during my testing. after I split the screen between a streaming video and a dozen Chrome tabs — together with a Google Doc, Spotify and TweetDeck — I jumped back and forth between tabs and typewritten segments of this review while not encountering any stutter or delay.

Asus EeeBook E403SA Performance DisplayThe VivoBook E403SA performed reasonably well on the Geekbench three general performance check, where it earned a three,341. that is larger than the Core i3-powered Asus F555L (2,080) and on a par with the Pentium N3700-powered Inspiron fourteen 3000 (3,413). However, this system fell behind the Core i3-powered Satellite Radius fourteen (4,671) and therefore the Core i5-powered Ideapad 300S (5,753).

Like alternative computers with eMMC storage, the VivoBook E403SA is slow to copy files, needing two minutes and forty seven seconds to duplicate four.97GB of multimedia system files, for a rate of thirty.1 MBps. that is at intervals the vary of its competitors (27.93 to 32.2 MBps), that sport 500GB, 5,400-rpm arduous drives.

The VivoBook’s budget worth also showed in our OpenOffice test, wherever it required thirteen minutes and thirty one seconds to match twenty,000 names and addresses. that is near the Inspiron fourteen 3000 (13:33), however the Asus F555L (6:31), Ideapad 300S (4:31) and Satellite Radius fourteen (6:31) square measure all a lot of faster.


Armed alone with integrated Intel HD Graphics, the VivoBook will only run casual games like the preinstalled Candy Crush Soda heroic tale and stream video from services like Netflix. The portable computer scored twenty six,224 on the 3DMark violent storm Unlimited play benchmark, that beats the Inspiron fourteen 3000 (24,777) however is below the Asus F555L (46,285), Ideapad 300S (52,840), Satellite Radius fourteen (51,738) and class average (54,960).


The Asus VivoBook E403SA stays cool up prime, however you will feel some heat if you use it in your lap. when we have a tendency to streamed quarter-hour of full-screen HD video on the notebook, our heat gun registered a warmth of 104 degrees physicist on the laptop’s undersurface. The touchpad (79 degrees) and keyboard (84 degrees) didn’t breach our 95-degree comfort threshold.

Battery Life

If you carry the VivoBook E403SA around, you can seemingly leave your charger reception. Asus’ portable computer lasted a full nine hours and a couple of minutes on the laptop magazine Battery check, that involves continuous net surfriding over Wi-Fi. The Asus F555L (5:44), Inspiron fourteen 3000 (6:33), Ideapad 300S (6:25) and Satellite Radius fourteen (6:22) all died way more quickly.

Software and assurance

Asus has given the notebook some proprietary utilities, just some of which square measure helpful. The Asus Splendid Technology show adjustment application includes a watch Care setting to regulate the panel to emit warmer colours which will facilitate some individuals sleep easier, however its Vivid and Tru2Life video clarity settings didn’t manufacture notable enhancements. Asus WinFlash provides users associate degree interface to update the BIOS, and On-Screen show helps you to modify and disable visual cues for once modes square measure modified.

Asus includes its customary annual restricted hardware assurance. verify our school Support confrontation and Best and Worst Brands report back to see however Asus fared.


Bottom Line

Unlike plenty of 14-inch budget Windows ten machines, the Asus VivoBook E403SA packs a full-HD (1920 x 1080) show, a premium light-weight chassis and electric battery that lasts over a full workday. the sole strikes against this technique square measure associate degree undersurface that runs to a small degree hot and speakers that need adjustment for the most effective sound.

If you would like additional performance during this worth vary, you are going to own to obtain it, because the Core i5-powered Ideapad 300S prices $131 additional, and offers a lot of less battery life. The 15.6-inch Asus F555LA provides you a much bigger screen and prices $25 less, however it weighs plenty additional, has some keyboard flex and offers less endurance. Overall, the VivoBook E403SA is one in all the most effective portable computer values on the market and a good selection for anyone who’s on a budget.

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