HP 17.3″ FHD IPS Premium Business Gaming Laptop

Now this is often a decent Omen. HP’s latest entry in its Omen line of laptops gives the 17-inch diversion machine a forceful, however welcome plan. rather than playing it safe, the Omen seventeen sports a daring look that’s absolute to flip heads. and therefore the shock and awe doesn’t stop there, because the company has additional Nvidia’s powerful GTX 1070 GPU and paired it with an equally strong Intel Core i7 processor and a crazy-fast SSD. The result’s portable computer capable of delivering showstopping performance whether or not you’re playing games or crunching numbers.

Design: The Reinvention of Omen

Va va va voom! The horsepower has given the Omen 17 a much-needed style overhaul. instead of the safe, unfashionable solid-carbon-fiber exterior from previous iterations, horsepower selected to travel daring. it was the proper call. you will still get your carbon fiber on the lid; the bulk of the panel is formed from the black material. the remainder is made from brushed black plastic, that takes aloof from that premium look horsepower goes for.

The shiny fire-engine-red Voodoo logo gleams within the top-center panel accentuated by the four blood-red matte darts forming Associate in Nursing X at the center of the lid. The lid then angles down gently with the center portion seamlessly transitioning into the hinge, with Omen stamped on the middle. Meanwhile, the vents do their best impression of a high-powered super car.


Prepare for a sumptuous ocean of color from the Omen seventeen’s 3840 x 2160 matte 17.3-inch show. observation the 4K Tears of Steel short, i used to be blown away at however clear a number of the a lot of minute details were. for instance, I may see individual strands of hair in the workplace tech’s dreads moreover because the dirt caked into the creases of his white smock. i used to be also taken by the plangency of the scene, particularly the conspicuously featured inert gas pink and blue overlays from the futuristic computers.


Usually i am not a devotee of bottom-mounted speakers, however the Omen H.P. makes a compelling case for the location. placed on the bottom-front fringe of the laptop, the try of Bang & Olufsen-tuned speakers easily stuffed the check science laboratory with loud, clear audio. SZA’s light vocal was crisp and clean on “The Weekend,” as were the cymbals and piano. The bass was slightly weak, however excusable.


That overall wealthy sound carried over into the Witcher three, permitting American state to enjoy the mild swell of violins as I rode craving for my next journey. As a storm blew in, I may hear the plants in a nearby wheat field whip wildly around, punctuated by the heavy clump of my horse’s hooves against the dirt road.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Omen 17’s overall style is unquestionably future-forward, however in some ways in which, its keyboard is stuck within the past. i am disappointed that power unit hasn’t jumped on the customizable backlighting bandwagon with the remainder of its competition. Instead, i am left with the white backlit keys, that glowing against red-lined keys.
The keys square measure bright enough that you simply will see them during a darkened setting, however it might are nice if power unit had supplemental a pop of color outside of the typical gamer black and red. a minimum of the W,A,S,D keys square measure red with white piece of writing to confirm gamers will quickly find them.

The Omen seventeen serves up a one.5-millimeter key travel and 68 grams of feat force that produces for a cushty typewriting expertise.

In relevance the large palm rest, the 4 x 2.2-inch touchpad appears little. however it had been big enough to support my long fingers as I navigated the desktop. Gestures like two-finger rotate and scroll and three-finger swipe performed utterly. The combine of distinct mouse buttons square measure a little too skinny for my tastes, however provided firm, bouncy feedback.

Battery Life

What’s huge and powerful and does not last long on a charge? If you guessed the Omen 17, you are correct. The desktop replacement lasted solely a pair of hours and eighteen minutes on our battery take a look at, which consists of continuous net surfboarding over Wi-Fi. that is so much shorter than the 4:20 average furthermore as the times denote by the P57Xv7 (2:36), the Alienware seventeen (2:46) and therefore the Y920 (3:02).

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